What is shamanic counseling?


In cultures with intact shamanic traditions,

when one is experiencing difficulty, illness or misfortune in one’s life, it is natural to turn to a shaman for healing or spiritual guidance. The shaman will then, often, journey to the non-ordinary worlds of spirits to obtain knowledge and healing wisdom for use by the seeker in our ordinary world and reality.


an experiential approach to empowerment

Harner Shamanic Counseling is an experiential approach to wisdom and well-being that teaches the client how to undertake the traditional shamanic journey into non-ordinary reality on their own behalf. It helps to connect people to their own inner sources of spiritual wisdom, guidance and power.

HSC puts them the individual in the driver’s seat by giving them a means of seeking answers to questions and practical solutions to issues of deep personal importance, by eliminating the need for a '“middle man”. It is quite revolutionary in this way.


no experience necessary, accessible to all

It does not matter if one wishes to learn about shamanism or to accept its basic principles as one’s own for the counseling to work. What one person may understand as the non-ordinary reality of spirits, another may experience as their own inner landscape, or their higher self. The label is unimportant. The Harner method of Shamanic Counseling provides the client with access to these rich terrains of knowledge and spiritual wisdom no matter what lens they may choose to view them through.

Whether you are new to the entire concept, or are a seasoned journeyer; we are all beginners together in this process.